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Armadillo Detector

Shipping and handling is 600 Yen for Japan and 1000 Yen for oversea.

Payment via Payapl!


Note: Armadillo is a sensitive equipment. You should keep it calm and cool during measurement, or it will bite you with noisy spetrum.

Armadillo will revolutionize amateur gamma spectrometry !

Examples of people using Armadillo

He measured a piece of cloth used for cleaning windows, after washing it, inside small home made lead shield.

Using small size Armadillo detector (Type-2 with 3cc CsI(Tl) crystal, about $160 at the time of purchase), he could easily see the presence of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134.


Spectrum example of TYpe-1d (1cc crystal with digital interface), showing the ability (of new model) to see down to Am241 peak at 59.5KeV. (courtesy of Mr. S.B)

New model with larger CsI(Tl) Crystal and builtin Audio codec (sound card) has been announed!

The new model (Type-4d) has 2 cubic inch crystal (1" x 1" x 2"), and it has internal battery
so that it can be used with smart phones. The pricing is 140,000Yen
(roughly $1,400, depending on the exchange rate)

Mr. Ohisa does ship to oversea with additional shipping fee (just several dollars more).
He can also answer your question in English, make special version, and mass produce
thousands of unit per month, as well.



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