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Theremino MCA NKOM beta

Theremino MCA is a gamma spectrometry software for detectors that uses audio input for sending signal, such as Theremino Pmt Adapter, Armadillo Detector, Chappy detector, Sovtube Detector, Imetry Detector, and others.

If you want to try EXPERIMENTAL and extended version of Theremino MCA from snapshot



Added features

Bug report, feature request ==> nkom AT pico.dreamhosters.com

How this update looks like

Most of these features are already implemented. I'm currently adding some missing items and debugging.
If you want to try out new feature (even if some of new features may have known bugs and others can be missing), please mail me for the snapshot: nkom AT pico.dreamhosters.com

Rejected for ringing,  Noise,  and slope.



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