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Spectrum of maple syrup (About 1kg), containing a bit of Cs137,
Bi214 and some K40.
We can see the Compton plateau of K40 and a small peak of Cs137 with the BG subtracted spectrum (Green line)
I used the lead shielding of about 8cm thickness and used 3 inch NaI probe (About $1000) + Theremino Pmt Adapter.


Spectrum of Thorium lantern mantle (Green line), Uranium ore (light blue line), and Background (grey line) measured by used 3 inch NaI probe (the same one as the above) + Digital MCA-1301 by FUI Japans using modified ThereminoMCA.


Maple Syrup Spectrums 、 Maple Syrup Spectrum N3 地元のメープルシロップの測定

Detecting Contamination With Leg Probe 汚染された土壌や灰化したメープルシロップの32KeVのセシウム137のX線を低エネルギー用プローブで測定した例。

Detector Contamination Case 測定器自身にセシウム137の汚染が見つかった事例

Strontium DetectionStrontium Detection Part Two 低エネルギー用検出器、そして普通の検出器で、ストロンチウム90のテスト用線源を測った例。

More spectrums in BBS (Japanese) http://pico.dreamhosters.com/picobbs/index.html 掲示板にも色々あります。

Theremino PMT Adapter

Theremino Pmt Adapter


Rap-47 CsI 2.54mm x 1mm (1 inch x 0.04inch) LEG/XRF by S.E. International


Where to buy:

For XRF spectrum, see this page

Xrf Spectrums ... Xrf Flute Spectrums ... Xrf Spectrums Part Two

Am-241 (Am241 source taken from smoke detector, 2cm from detector)

The lower peak isn't at the 26KeV nor 14KeV.
More about Am241 : Am Spectrums


Thorium mantle

K-40 with Am241 for calibration


Am241, Cs137, Eu152

Uranium ore (yellow)

Back ground #1

Back ground #2

Back ground #3 (in Lead pipe 4mm thick)

CsI 63mm x 63mm (2.5inch x 2.5inch) by Sovtube

Sovtube Detector

Thorium mantle Th-232, etc

Back ground in lead pipe


Am241, Cs137, Eu152

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