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I decided to try XRF to know the calibration/precision of what I'm seeing with Rap-47, Theremino Pmt Adapter, and Theremino Mca, and to learn how to configure base line test parameters in Theremino Mca.

I'm satisfied (for now) that I could clearly see Ag and a bit Cu.

Now, I want to know what are these 50KeV and 17KeV peaks appearing anything solid, water, plastic, and some metals.


I found better configuration for Theremino Mca, and the results can beseen in Xrf Spectrums Part Two .

First, measuring the back ground and saving the spectrum data, as well.



I put raw spectrum followed by BG adjusted one for each item.

Yes, I measured odd things. And I got not so interesting results, too.

Tin rid from a cookie box.

Aluminum plate showing 50 KeV and 17 KeV ...

Stainless steel pizza cutter. This was disappointing. I was expecting more from shiny pizza cutter.

This is a thick magnifying glass. 50 KeV and 17 KeV, what are they ?

Maple Sugar is in a thin plastic bag. I measured empty plastic bag and it was just like back ground. Again, 50 KeV and 17 KeV ...

Aluminum duct tape. 50 KeV and 17 KeV, again.

This is white ABS plastic case of smoke detector. 50 KeV and 17 KeV, but not much.

Back plate of a watch case (Stainless steel?)

Noodle soupe source in aluminum colored bag.

Cooked soy bean snack. 50 KeV and 17 KeV...

Pumpkin seed. 50 KeV and 17 KeV ...

Silver flute. Finally, something interesting! My flute is proven to be of silver (or at least silver plated).

Copperwire for speakers. So, I'm measuring the plastic coating, as I see only tiny bit of 7KeV.

Thin Aluminum foil didn't show strong result.

Lithium battery. I don't know what is that 20KeV. Maybe the metal used for casing. Or silver in the battery?

Pb (10KeV) of focusing RAPCAP measured by flat RAPCAP.

It's a painted clam shell. So, maybe we are seeing the paint, instead of the shell.

Olive Oil in thick opaque glass bottle. Probably, I'm measureing the glass bottle.

Tea pot of unknown metal. Probably, Chrome plated steel.

Measuring 1.5 inch NaI detector with RapCAP. 28.6 of I ?

Measuring 2.5 inch CsI detector with RapCAP. Probably 31KeV of Cs.

Pasta. It lloks like anything solid would give 50KeV and 17KeV.

Water from the tap

Filtered water

Copper coins.

To make sure, I measured a few times.


Nickel coins. I just remembered I still have some coins left in my purse.

So, it seems like my setup isn't so bad (thank to Theremino Pmt Adapter made by Alessio with Theremino Mca, and Rap-47 bought from Geo with the RAPCAP !)

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