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Theremino MCA To do : Thing I 'd like to see

I think we can calculate and obtain approximately same curve from photo peak energy, efficiency curve, crystal size, FWHM (at various energy), the information regarding to shielding (if any), and the geometry/distance/density/mass of sample to be measured.

From these info, we can calculate photo peak, Compton scatter, single/double escape and annihilation/sum peaks (if applicable), and X-ray from fluorescence.

    1. Example of calculated spectrum (Photo peaks only) of Ra226 and Th232(with their daughters)

    2. Add Compton scatter --- We have Nishina Klein formula
    3. Compton edge rounding
    4. Compton valley rise --- Depending on crystal size
    5. Add single and double escape
    6. Add sum peak(s) and its scatter
    7. Add annihilation peak --- 511KeV
    8. Add back scatter and Pb X-ray

In other words, incorporating very simplified version of nucleonica Gamma Spectrum Generator to facilitate learning and isotope identification, as well as guessing detector characteristics.


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