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Browse Spectrum HELP for the experimental version of Theremino MCA

Browse Spectrum at ease

This function allows you to browse series of spectrums in various ways.

Combined with the AutoSave feature, you can record how spectrum developed, changed, and see it again, share with others, very easily.

In addition, you can import recorded histogram data into current measurement data. It will allow you to add spectrum on top of another one, stop and restart after interruption, and so on.

How it works



For more information about ThereminoMCA and this experimental version, please check the web page. After long enough testing, the features in this version will be integrated into official version.


All comments and questions regarding to this experimental version should be addressed to:

nkom ATMARK pico.dreamhosters.com

If you make Italian, French, German, Spanish, etc version of this document, please send me.
Thank you!

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