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分解能補償(テレミノMCA) Resolution compensation in Theremino MCA

Theremino MCA has the resolution compensation feature.

It enhances the peaks of spectrum that tends to become more or less flat due to the lack of resolution, which is common among many scintillation detectors.

For example, someone who has a bit of experience can guess which isotopes are creating bumps and peaks in this spectrum. But it's not so pronounced.

By turning on the resolution compensation, it's pretty clear, now.

核種マーカーを表示してみると、Pb214, Bi214, K40に一致していることが分かります。 Be7は,個人的に興味があるので、マーカーを出してみましたが、多分、このスペクトルには、入ってないだろうと思います。Am241は、単なる消し忘れです。
With the isotope marker, it's evident that this spectrum shows the sign of Pb214, Bi214, and K40. I put the marker for Be7 as I'm interested in it, but I don't think it's in this spectrum. And I forgot to turn off the marker for Am241.

By right clicking the Ref2 button, I put the spectrum emphasized by the resolution compensation into the reference memory No.2, and compared against the straight spectrum.

または、こちらのリンクからご覧いただくことも出来ます。 http://pico.dreamhosters.com/soft/ThereminoMCA_Help_JPN.pdf

As we could see, the resolution compensation feature can enhance the peaks otherwise pretty dull when used with proper setting, and especially with the spectrum that has become nice and smooth.
The optimal setting for resolution compensation differ depending on the resolution of the detector used, and also depending on the number of bins/channels per given energy or Bin/Channel multiplier factor.
Please try out different setting that provide the best result for you.
For more information on the resolution compensation, please take a look at the document by clicking Help menu and program guide inside Theremino MCA.
Alternatively, you can read the document from this link : http://pico.dreamhosters.com/soft/ThereminoMCA_Help_ENG.pdf

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