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テレミノMCA 更新履歴


NKOM Beta 2013年9月版

NKOM Beta 2013年7月版


Done version 5

ResolutionCompensation progressive with bins ResolutionCompensation equalize params
Improve Helps Translate Helps in english Correct VuMeter level and pulse shape millivolts when AudioGain > 1 When closing if minimized then tool-windows are not reopened

================================================================================ Done - version 4.2 ================================================================================ Baseline zero corrected with the rapport "Size" / "Position" Baseline test - MaxNoise calculated saparately in each area

================================================================================ Done - version 4.0 and 4.1 ================================================================================ The new "Baseline Test" reduces the errors below 1KeV so it is possible to explore also the area of the fractions of KeV ( 0.1 KeV to 0.9 KeV ) The new "Baseline Test" reduces the FWHM by another 0.5% Corrected the LinearityCurve when changing the "Bin multiplier" Corrected the PulseShapeVisualizer bug showing some non-normalized pulses Corrected errors if saving without extensions or with multiple-points Corrected SaveImage errors with little form sizes Corrected SaveImage errors with double extension or dots in the name Corrected the AudioSignal Saturation indication and limit Now the Baseline integration area is divided in 2 parts, and a slope correction value and noise value are measured and used Shape limits using baseline parameters "Position" and "Size" + new parameters MaxSlope and MaxNoise The new Resolution compensation reduces the FWHM more than we hoped Filter "restore fwhm" (with v1 - v2 - v3 - v4)

================================================================================ Done - Version 3.9 ================================================================================ Inverted AudioZeroTrim when changing pulse-polarity automatically Reduced Auto-pulse-polarity level (more easy to change) Implemented the new tool: "Menu Tools" / "Auto zero trim" Corrected a rare crash with 44100 or 48000 and BaseLineRestoringSize very little Changed MouseEnter with MouseHover on the ToolStrips Changed the save method if closing when minimized Reduced the min-value of the control "Energy min" to "0 KeV" Changed ToolStrips MouseHover (too slow) with MouseEnter
================================================================================ Done - Version 3.8 ================================================================================ Reduced CPU work when Pulse shape visualizer is not Running Now if not using "thick lines", "shape visualizer" or "full screen" the CPU work is reduced about to zero Removed minimize button from pulses and equalizers forms Corrected the "Ref2" button showing only the text "Ref" Interpolated "BinToEnergy" function for more precise pulses Min and Max limits Increased efficiency of "EnergyToBin" and "BinToEnergy" functions Saved also the status of the "Pulse shape visualizer" "Run" button
================================================================================ Done - Version 3.7 ================================================================================ Try to display with single points - very bad idea - immediately removed Try Graphing 3D - very bad idea - immediately removed Corrected the RUN and "Stop after sec." bugs Changed the VuMeter with a standard VuMeter 0.7Veff (2Vpep) logaritmic Improved the Help
================================================================================ Done - Version 3.6 ================================================================================ Forms Equalizer, Pulses and Tomy not showed in the task-bar (more easy to reduce all) Bins are not zeroed when closing Bins-combo without changing bin number Re-enabled the message "Limited by bins" Corrected the "crash" whith Bins = x10, x20 or x50
================================================================================ Done - Version 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 3.5 ================================================================================ Audio Input modified to work normally not with 0dB but with -10dB audio level (this avoids to work near to the audio card saturation zone) Corrected a crash and other possible errors with corrupted INI files Corrected little filter errors in the most right visualized bins "Graphical Equalizers" for Energy Linearization and Amplitute Compensation - Linearizer 10k 20k 50k 100k 200k 500k 1M 2M Master - Equalizer 10k 20k 50k 100k 200k 500k 1M 2M Master The VerticalZoom is surclassed by equalizers The Energy linearization curves are surclassed by equalizers Docking of the Pulse Shape Window and Equalizer Window Tested that any form can go out of screen with the "LimitFormPosition" function All the controls reorganized with the most important controls on the first tab (so they are visible in the saved images and useful as reference) Added informations: "Limited by bins" and "Limited by audio card" Focused the toolstrip at mouse-enter so now responds always at the first click Now AudioGain is the first correction also used by peak meter and pulse polarity The AudioGain minimum is 2X(+6dB) so there is always a margin before saturation The OverRangePulses problem is completely corrected. The OverRangePulses indicator is removed Now it is possible to increase bin number with 1x 2x 5x and 10x Now it is possible to work with many bins also in the XRF area Now it is possible to decrease the refresh time for slow systems (Linux and MacOSX) Added the "Timers" panel with "Stop after (sec)" Removed the MessageBox "Invalid audio params" Corrected the Filter adaptation (filter increased in the first seconds) Removed the filter adaptation - now the filter trimming is completely manual Update status bar values when changing Linearity Equalizer Equalizer changes and MouseClick and MouseMove must draw immediately as Zoom does LOG y scale (also with variable exponent!) Timed Stop Send all bins to ThereminoSynth LOG x scale Variable number of bins to send to ThereminoSynth Peak visualizer with black line Tried to reduce FWHM more possible Red line editable with Wheel, arrows and PageUp/Down Update immediately after Ref1/2/3 and Bakground On/Off Reset equalizers cursors with mouse right Linearized the Zoom control operation Disabled also Cubical TextBox when equalizers are OFF The cubical interpolations are so easy to trim that all the "auto" linearizations programs are suppressed Increased the drawing speed by 300% (CPU charge reduced) Added the ability to draw Thin lines (another 2 times faster) Change Linearizer and Equalizer "master" names to be more explicative Added 44100Hz, 176400 and 384000Hz sampling freq. Increased the bin number to 50x for XRF Now it is possible to select the PulsePolarity to: Pos. / Neg. / Auto Introduced the "Integration time" concept! (useful for alarms and fast operations) Send to slots proportional values for Theremin-Synthesizer Scale divisions and labels corrected also with Xlog "Right trim" and "Height slope" are removed from equalizers (come back on the main window) Corrected PulseShapeVisualizer erronoeous pulses errors PulseShapeVisualizer MinMax reinitialized when changing NumBins PulseShapeVisualizer - corrected Energy and Millivolt precision Forms FadeIn and FadeOut Corrected the Docked-Windows Snaps and Movements Linearizer and Equalizer SAVE and LOAD A better color to indicate not-zero Trackbars Thin and Thick lines working also in references Message "wait" if IntegrationTime < 9999 Hilighted IntegrationTime < 9999 and AudioZeroTrim <> 0 with the HilightColor Tested "Pearson Correlation Index", "Coherence" and "Scaled correlation" (NOT OK) Histogram Files are imported with the actual Filter, MinEnergy and Equalization Histogram Files are imported with interpolation if NumBins and BinEnrgies are different VuMeter better trimmed and slowed to work well with very low pulse CPS Corrected XtoLog and XtoExp errors with x < 0 Equalized the TrackBar_EqMaster positive and negative ranges Enabled the "Energy Linearizer"

================================================================================ Done - V2.12 ================================================================================ LeftClickIdent do not turn OFF Pulse shape window off screen ToDoList in the Help Menu LeftClickIdent cleaning the text window every second Tomy linecolor and size control Increased zoomming to allow XRF area (to 0 to 110 KeV) Reduced another time scale divisions for XRF (down to 5 KeV and also 2 KeV) Dead time Max = 500uS Connected the Tomy eMail in the About form Tested the validity-tests based on pre-post levels (no further FWHM increase)

================================================================================ Done - V2.11 ================================================================================ BLR settings changed to positive numbers - more easy to remember - no more risks to trim to the "pulse" zone causing malfunctioning - now 50 50 is EXACTLY the same of the old -100 50 Tested ini with error numbers WaitOne with True for Linux and Mac ToDO list in Doc folder Tomy completely enabled
================================================================================ ToDo - Version 5 ================================================================================ Reduce Linearization range ? Reduce Linearization range at high energies ?
Retry Graphing 3D (but using colors from green to red)
Calculate the integral and show the net counts in a peak, i.e. only counts that are above the natural background curve.
Send to ThereminoGeiger the counts of the selected area (isotope selective alarms)

Test if it is possible to increase the CSspline creation speed removing support points and interpolations
Test CustomControls delays (try to eliminate dispose)
Reduce Form_Tomy dimensions to 400 x 320 for better SNAP
Correct Combo "text align center" and save as image
Tool: Attenuations
Peak fitting
Correct "Pulses per sec" with the "Integration time" (AudioIn totalpulses)
Access to system mixer and audio props
Tool Strip - Record audio file ( get audio name / start record ) - Stop record Menu file - Load audio file ( uncheck RUN / do max speed load with actual parameters )

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