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Examples of Thorium lantern mantle spectrum トリウム ランタン マントルのスペクトル例

NaI3インチ + ThereminoPMTAdapter 遮蔽の中でのトリウムランタンマントルのスペクトル。

Ac228は、ピーク多過ぎ。 なお、マーカーが見やすい様に、高い方は出していません。







Thorium lantern mantle spectrum taken by Sovtube Detector CsI 63mm (2.5 Inches) 11 hours + Theremino Mca converted by Macro script into SPE format。 Bi-214
is probably from background.

Same detector but taken by Mr Utsunomia : http://www.utsunomia.com/y.utsunomia/spectrometer/spectrometer.html

Handmade CsI 1 inch from http://protectchildren311.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-439.html

3 inch NaI Amptek. (Green line is the thorium spectrum) http://www.amptek.com/grad.html

NaI 38mm 6 hours from http://anti-proton.com/

2 inch NaI GX-2S from http://wine4wine.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-7.html

From http://anp.nucl.nagoya-u.ac.jp/cloud_chamber/2009/BG_radiation.pdf

Handmade CsI 1cc 1 hour from http://www11.plala.or.jp/jk1hrb/Measurement-CsI+PD/measurement-1.htm

Hamamatsu Photonics C12137 (CsI) from Supermab

Same detector, but measured by different person, and of thorium containing mineral. From http://www.kani.com/ycrms/C12137/

Handmade CsI 1cc 5 Hours from http://betanode.ddo.jp/
Some peaks are marked as 208Ti (and 209Ti) but they are 208Tl

Handmade CsI 1cc from http://ameblo.jp/bb-craftsman-room/entry-11260923465.html
Some peaks are marked as 208Ti (and 209Ti) but they are 208Tl

Handmade CsI 1cc (not mantle. Monazite) from http://doku.bimyo.jp/benikumo/index.html

Armadillo 1 inch cube CsI http://www.superoceanlight.com/index.html taken by http://twilog.org/prochil_chiba

Spetctum of mineral : Monazite. (not lantern mantle)
CsI 1 inch IFKR254 2hours from https://twitter.com/tokaiama/status/364261148234764288

3 inch NaI with FUIJapan Digital MCA
Light blue line is Thorium mantle spectrum. Shaded spectrum is Uranium Ore with Bi214 and Pb214. Purple line is the spectrum of contaminated soil near Tokyo. Blue shaded area is the natural background inside concrete apartment.

Same setup measured with modified version of Theremino MCA

2.5 inch CsI Sovtube Detector Thorium Mantle. Spectrum taken by Theremino Mca and then analyzed by Identify Exe

Decay Chain


Alpha spectrum...

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